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The Challenge: After starting the year strong, MINI USA went through a rough sales stretch in August and September, with sales down in back to back months. Low inventory and new compact competitors were both threats, raising the stakes for their annual sales event.

The Strategy: In the automotive world, nothing is more ordinary or expected than a test drive event. But MINI doesn't do things like everyone else. To launch the new MINI Coupe, we set out to make history. We set out to host The Best Test Drive Ever. Period. To figure out what that was, we asked the most creative people we know: our fans.

The Execution: We issued a challenge – describe The Best Test Drive Ever. Period. And we would make it happen, for real. And in the true MINI spirit of doing more with less, you had to do it in a tweet-friendly 6-words.

We accepted entries in a variety of ways – Twitter, Facebook, Mobile & Tablet,, In-Banner, and even from digital jukeboxes. As the entries poured in, we used them to inspire more entries through live-feeds, re-tweets, and for a lucky few, illustrated versions of the most warped suggestions.

For anyone still struggling to come up with their own idea, we created a random 6-word generator. With nearly tens of thousands of entries submitted, all that was left was to turn someone's vision into reality. 

Results: All the action helped shatter the monthly traffic record. Anyone who entered was invited to a local MINI dealer's version of The Best Test Drive Ever. Period. 97% of dealers participated, helping break three consecutive monthly sales records, making it the most successful MINI sales event of all time.

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