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Challenge: Category clichés that had built the premium tequila category no longer resonated with our target. On one end of the bar was the intimidating alpha male saying only tough guys drink tequila. At the other end was the late-night party set that throws all caution to the wind. In between the super-serious and the silly was a gap in substance.

Insight: Tres Agaves, like other tequila brands, is made in the small town of Tequila, Mexico, but unlike other brands, its Tequila is made of 100% de agave, and its cocktail mixes are made with all organic ingredients. And to our target, it doesn’t get any more authentic than that.

Solution: We became the first Tequila brand to stake a claim in the town where the product is made and celebrate the local spirit through its people and traditions in our campaign, “Tres Agaves: Tequila made in Tequila.” 

Results: We doubled engagement goals on Instagram and Facebook and brought thousands of new followers to the brand. The campaign exceeded prior year totals on Tequila and Mix Sales by over 35%.

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