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Challenge: NBA 2K18 achieved record sales for the basketball gaming franchise; however, the growth in annual users was not reflected in some of their deeper game modes. This included MyTeam – a fantasy basketball experience where gamers assemble a team of their favorite players throughout history. The MyTeam game mode is a massive source of revenue for the franchise, and we needed to drive a spike in participation amongst current gamers through the back-half of the NBA season.

Insight: NBA 2K has long been considered the greatest sports simulation video game in the world, and is the next best thing to playing in the league. With the NBA Playoffs approaching, this led us to think about a recently retired player who might really be missing the game. Someone who would be inspired by the opportunity to get back together with his old teammates and assemble his own MyTeam. None other than 15-time all-star Kevin Garnett.

Solution: The campaign explores the sad and lonely world of a multi-millionaire NBA legend who can no longer compete on the hardwood. A nostalgic Garnett is consoled by a children’s choir (featuring Michael Rapaport), who ultimately lead him to return to NBA action via NBA 2K18’s MyTeam mode.

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